Remarque Systems

The only Quality Management System that enables you to design, deploy, and manage risk-based monitoring (RBM) trials

Role-based remote monitoring functionality gives you full control to address and mitigate all aspects of risk (patient, site, study) in an integrated, end-to-end manner. Easy and intuitive to use system requires minimal training and set-up time while providing a modern, rich user experience. Powerful, interactive visualizations bring data and trends to life allowing you to hone-in on risks quickly and efficiently. Built-in knowledge engine that uses machine learning combined with classical statistical models for prediction, detection, and management of risks.

Clinical Trials Risk Based Monitoring

  • Remarque’s Statistical Monitor Module provides nimble, interactive visualizations that allow quick and easy detection of patterns and anomalies in the data without the need for complex, time-consuming data manipulations & analysis
  • Built-in statistical models allow quick identification of key study integrity risks such as outliers, noise, digit preference, etc.
  • Machine learning UI allows the statistical monitor to train the machine learning model when moving from an unsupervised to a semi-supervised model
  • Remarque’s Medical Monitor Module allows the medical monitor to quickly identify safety concerns and anomalous data trends and take prompt action by directing appropriate and targeted action
  • Intuitive visuals that incorporate powerful statistical and machine learning algorithms in an easy to use manner bring the data to life allowing the Medical Monitor to quickly focus in on problem areas to “see” the signal through the noise
  • Integrated workflows allows quick and immediate conversion of findings to targeted actions
  • Remarque’s Central Monitor Module quickly and efficiently showcases site issues and trends both from a patient and site performance perspective. Since Remarque uses prospective data for signal detection, trends identified are current, relevant, and real and do not suffer from historical bias that can be misleading and costly
  • Site scoring allows the Central Monitor to focus on sites that are most problematic or have the highest risk
  • Remarque’s integrated workflow and workflow packaging capabilities allow the Central Monitor to efficiently manage optimal mode (email, phone, and visit) and cadence of site contact. This allows the user organization to truly harvest the cost, quality, and safety advantages of performing risk-based monitoring