Remarque Systems

Remarque Systems Announces RBM Software Features

We’re excited to announce some of the features now available through our RBM software:


* Signal Driven SDV™ uses triggers established prior to study start combined with machine learning capabilities to make better monitoring decisions
* Built-in risk assessment & mitigation module
* System agnostic data intake can consume data from any source in any format without the requirements of a data warehouse
* Role-based remote monitoring supporting roles for managing site, patient, and protocol level risks
* Purpose-built integrated workflow solutions designed to scale as needed
* Intuitive, interactive, role-driven visualizations with complete drill-down capabilities
* Robust workflow functionality built into every role to easily convert findings to trackable actions
* Knowledge engine that uses machine learning combined with classical statistical models to predict, detect, analyze, and manage risk

Learn more about our software product and it’s robust capabilities that will help you monitor, assess and mitigate risk.